This page is all about the Numb3rspedia.

This wikia is about the crime procedural drama Numb3rs, that aired on CBS from 2005 to 2010 (six seasons) about an FBI agent and his brother a gifted mathematician consultant, and how they learn to become friends through the solving of various different types of crime.

Each episode follows a different type of case from kidnapping, robbery, potential terrorism, domestic violence- to name a few- with personal drama between the brothers and the other people in life, like lovers, girlfriends, their father, their co-workers etc. It was praised by critics for being a character-driven show, creating attachment between the viewers at home and even the supporting cast. This created certain shows focusing on larger plot arcs on those supporting cast like their career development and personal events.

The hook of the show is how Charles Eppes, mathematician "sees" the world through numbers and uses metaphors and similes to bring his understanding to the viewer and his FBI counterparts. The graphics during the show emphasize this point, often superimposing Charlie onto a graph-paper background with his equations and different types of graphs written out as he explains them in laments terms that has everyone going "Ah... Okay." Or making good-natured jokes about how his though process is far above their own mortal heads.

Founder's NotesEdit

Numb3rspedia is in no way related to CBS or any other company or producer involved in financing Numb3rs. It is for the use of readers to learn about this TV series. Please help by adding your knowledge. Thank you!

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